Exploring Web3 Physical Infrastructure

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnerships with Dimo and React, two leaders in an emerging category called ‘Token Incentivized Physical Networks’ or TIPIN.

TIPIN refers to decentralized networks of physical hardware that are bootstrapped through token incentives.

Things like car data, excess energy, wireless access, and cloud storage require significant capital expenditure and operational overhang. Token incentives help catalyze these networks as users earn ownership in the network by supplying or sharing their resources or data.

At Layer3, our mission is to enable users learn, explore, and succeed in Web3. To that end, we are excited to partner with Dimo and React to show users how they can begin participating in this new web3 use case.

To kickoff the campaign, we will be hosting a Twitter Spaces with Alex Rawitz (Co-Founder of Dimo), Jason Badeaux (Co-Founder of React), and Mike Zajko (Co-Founder of Lattice).

We will discuss the backstory, network mechanics, use cases, and predictions for Dimo, React, and the broader TIPIN sector. Details below:

Upcoming Quests

Layer3 will be launching a new Quest category where users learn how to participate in physical networks like Dimo and React.

Users who connect their vehicle to Dimo’s network will be eligible to earn DIMO rewards, Layer3 experience points, and commemorative NFTs.

Similarly, users who connect an energy monitor to React’s network will earn token rewards, in addition to Layer3 experience points, and commemorative NFTs.

About Dimo

DIMO is the people-powered movement behind the next generation of mobility services. By connecting drivers and their data with developers and manufacturers, they are building the largest, most useful IoT network of user-owned devices—starting with cars.

About React

React is building the digital infrastructure layer necessary to turn buildings into a resource for the energy system. By connecting energy devices and distributed energy resources in buildings to participants in the power market, the React community is contributing to a brighter and more sustainable energy future.

About Lattice

Lattice is an early-stage crypto VC that helps founders build defensible moats. They were an early investor in both Dimo & React and are considered a thought leader in the category.

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