Dune Contests are live on Layer3!
March 30th, 2022

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnership with Dune.xyz!

Dune Analytics is an all-in-one analytics platform that allows users to explore and share data from Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Optimism, BSC and Solana.

As more financial activity moves to crypto, structuring and providing insights into open data is a critical piece of mainstream adoption.

“Dune is one of the most important tools in the web3 economy. We’re always looking to partner with projects that catalyze adoption and improve transparency, and working with Dune is a great way to enable a new generation of analysts to find work in and add value in crypto communities” — Brandon Kumar, Layer3 Co-Founder

Dune recently released announced a $69M financing with plans to double down on growing their base of “Dune Wizards”.

Layer3’s partnership with Dune will support this effort by incentivizing DAO-sponsored Dune Dashboards. Layer3 will now include Dune contests on our website for potential contributors who are interested in contributing to the open data economy.

Check out some of Dune’s contest here.

We’re proud to support Dune as part of their mission to make crypto data more accessible.

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