Driving Onchain Growth on Linea

In February, we launched Linea Park — an immersive onchain gaming experience. As our six-week campaign ends, we’ve driven spectacular results:

  • 1M+ users

  • 13M+ onchain transactions

  • 14M+ Quest completions

Linea’s next-gen chain is hyperscaling Ethereum. And Layer3 is bringing it to the next-level. The open data speaks for itself: Daily Active Addresses nearly tripled after Linea Park opened. Notably, many of these users completed “Proof of Humanity” as a key anti-sybil check.

Layer3’s a key to engaging new users on emerging platforms. And Linea is unlocking a vibrant dapp ecosystem across many verticals. By building Linea Park together, we’re revolutionizing onchain gaming in particular.

Our interactive theme park invited users to play, share, and earn with 40+ Quests over six weeks. Each week unlocked a new Zone for RPG, MMO, social, NFTs, and more. By progressing in the Park, Linea’s onchain points system (LXP) displayed to represent contributions to its decentralized ecosystem.

LXP earnings could be amplified in the Referral Zone by sharing with friends, or by visiting the VIP Zone as a previous Linea Voyager.

Onchain Success on Layer3

Linea Park’s success is proof of work that: “If we build it, new users will come.” Layer3 campaigns are highly customizable — with onchain points, referral systems, advanced loyalty mechanisms, and more. Our mission is to make learning and exploring crypto fun, engaging, and rewarding.

We support the best chains, dapps, and wallets on Layer3 — and are continuously adding more. We hope to be a key catalyst for decentralization. On Linea, Layer3, and beyond.

If you want to build together, reach out!

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