Introducing Multi-wallet Support on Layer3

Explore web3 your way, using one wallet or ten.

Today, we launch multi-wallet support on Layer3!

You can now easily link additional EVM addresses to your Layer3 profile, and choose which of your connected wallets to use for any Quest step.

This has been a long-requested feature from our community.

With multi-wallet support, it’s easier than ever to complete Quests through not just one wallet but multiple, giving you a better way to aggregate your on-chain progress via your Layer3 profile.

What’s New

Connect multiple EVM wallets to your user profile

  • If you head to your User Profile settings, you’ll find a new section allowing you to connect and manage wallets on your Layer3 account
Connect up to 10 wallets on your user profile
Connect up to 10 wallets on your user profile

Assign a label and colour for different wallets

  • Use this to organize and differentiate between your wallet types
Color code your wallets and set custom labels
Color code your wallets and set custom labels

Set Your Primary Wallet

  • Your primary wallet will be visible on your profile, and is used as your profile link at{YourPrimaryAddress}

Complete Quests with multiple wallets

  • Choose which of your connected addresses you’d like to use when verifying a Quest step

  • You can now easily use multiple wallets to verify one Quest

Complete Quests with multiple wallets
Complete Quests with multiple wallets

Why we built it

We’re always co-creating with our community, and this has been one of your most requested features for a while. Read below to learn more about why we built this feature.

1) A more seamless quest experience

We know how much you enjoy exploring web3 with us. Part of the magic is seeing all your progression and accomplishments accrue under one shiny Layer3 profile.

However, through our feedback channels, it became clear how much users wanted the option to control which wallet they use across different quests.

  • Some users prefer burner wallets to experiment with new apps, and have designated wallets for different functions

This makes complete sense. User safety and good wallet hygiene is a top priority for us, and we think that every user should feel more in control when it comes to crypto self-custody.

2) Exploring different wallet providers

Never branched out from MetaMask because you were afraid to lose your Layer3 progress? Now you can!

Layer3 quests provide a safe and guided way to experience the best new developments in wallet technology. Multi-wallet support on Layer3 means that you no longer need to import your keys (from your existing Layer3 account) into a new wallet-provider, in order to give wallet-specific Quests a spin.

This makes trying new wallets through Quests so much easier. And, we have a lot of exciting partnerships coming in this realm, too 👀

3) A multi-chain and multi-wallet future

If you’ve seen our public roadmap, you’ll know that we’re actively exploring new ecosystem integrations.

Naturally, we needed to make it easier for users to connect new types of (non-EVM) wallets to Layer3, so that it’s intuitive and enjoyable to get started with new ecosystems.

We also believe that crypto UX will move towards a multi-wallet future, where your on-chain reputation and identity isn’t solely tied to a single wallet. More on that here.

There’s so much more to learn and explore in this space, and we’re working with a set of exclusive partners to drive the multi-chain and multi-wallet experience home.


How do I connect a new address to my profile?

Go to your profile page > edit profile

How many addresses can I connect to my profile?

A maximum of 10, for now.

Can I remove (un-link) a wallet from my profile?

Initially, no. This feature will be available shortly once we’ve tested sybil resistance mechanisms.

Will all my linked addresses be visible to others?

No. Only your Primary Address will be visible to others (via your Profile Page). Any other connected addresses are private to you.

Which address will Quest Rewards (Tokens, NFTs) be sent to?

Rewards will be sent to your Primary Address.

How do I choose which address to verify a Quest action with?

For any on-chain quest-step, you will see a dropdown (multi-select) at the bottom of the screen. From here you can choose which address you would like Layer3 to verify your quest action with.

Thanks for reading!

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