1inch Contests are live on Layer3!
May 5th, 2022

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnership with 1inch.

1inch is a distributed decentralized finance (DeFi) network for various protocols across multiple chains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

It is currently powered by 1inch DAO, which enables 1INCH token stakers to vote for key protocol parameters. Layer3 will directly support 1inch DAO’s efforts in decentralized governance.

“1inch has built one of the largest communities in all of crypto, and is partnering with Layer3 to directly incentivize governance proposals. We’re thrilled to lean into this new use case for our platform, and are eager to see how our users can bring new governance ideas to prominent protocols and communities.” — Brandon Kumar, Layer3 Co-Founder

In addition to their main DEX aggregation protocol, 1inch offers an impressive suite of DeFi products with over $55 billion in total liquidity and $190 billion in total volume. These products include a limit order protocol, a liquidity protocol, and an interest-earning product for crypto liquidity providers.

Contribute to 1inch governance by checking out the following contest:

We’re proud to support 1inch in their governance efforts, as well as in their mission to optimize DeFi trades across multiple networks.

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