Announcing: The Graph Contest Winners

We’re excited to feature our newest contest winners for The Graph!

The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains. It allows anyone to build and publish open APIs called subgraphs, making data more easily accessible.

Instead of developing and operating proprietary indexing servers, developers and companies can build server-less applications that run entirely on public infrastructure with The Graph.

We partnered with The Graph to help promote Graph Day 2022, a full-day event at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco with some of web3’s most impactful developers, investors, and core protocol specialists.

With Layer3, The Graph was able to engage our thriving community of contributors to beginners about The Graph through Twitter threads and present event details through beautifully designed infographics. They were even able to crowdsource 30-second hype trailers from talented videographers.

We received over 80 submissions for 3 contests posted by The Graph, spanning social media, video, and design. Check out some of the winning submissions below!

Design an infographic promoting Graph Day 🏆 marcola.eth

Winners: @marcusboyds | @ganes_coins

Write a thread explaining The Graph to beginners 🏆 @0xNewbmoney

Winners: @0xNewbmoney | @DRealthanos | @thelayer3guy | @AppolosEkene

Create a 30-second hype trailer for Graph Day 🏆 @fisjkp

Winners: @fisjkp | @Kurlan7

Redefining what it means to work in web3

We’re so happy to see partners like The Graph using our platform to promote and engage their community.

As a web3-native solution built to unlock the next generation of global talent, we want to help part-time contributors contribute easily to their favorite communities and earn in ownership. We’re here to accelerate the contributor-to-builder pipeline.

By enabling The Graph to reward winning contributions with over 1200 $GRT, Layer3 is powering the future of the ownership economy, and helping contributors connect with the web3 protocols and projects that they’re most passionate about.

Layer3 is proud to support The Graph in their mission to make querying blockchain data more fast, reliable, and secure. We’re excited to expand our partnership in the months to come! Be sure to keep an eye out for more bounties, contests, and projects across The Graph community.

And of course, a big thank you to all our amazing contributors for participating 💪

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