GCR x Layer3 “Deal-a-thon”
April 25th, 2022

Want to earn up to $2,500 in $GCR?

As part of our ongoing partnership with Global Coin Research (GCR), we’re launching a “Deal-a-thon” Contest where users can help GCR source its next deal.

If you have alpha, refer a project to GCR via our platform and earn $GCR invests in your project.

About GCR

GCR is a Community of Investors & Researchers in Web3. Collectively, members of GCR source, diligence and commit personal capital to opportunities ranging from seed to late-stage growth.

Holders of #GCR get access to a variety of resources created by the GCR community, including deep insights, industry research, online and offline founder-focused events, as well as direct deal flow.

How do I earn?

  1. Connect your Discord & Twitter to your Layer3 profile
  2. Join the GCR Discord via this link
  3. Fill out this form
  4. Keep track of the sourcing process at GCR by visiting the ‘#deal-a-thon’ channel on Discord*
  5. Leave your Discord handle when claiming the reward on Layer3

For more information on how to be more involved in sourcing deals for GCR, please refer to this document.*

Selection Criteria

  • Connect your Discord + Twitter to Layer3
  • Refer a Web3 project that is fundraising and secure a minimum allocation of ~$100k for GCR
  • Get rewarded if GCR invests in the project as a community!

Learn More

For more about GCR, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord

For more ways to earn on Layer3, follow Layer3 on Twitter and join our Discord


Note: Reward will be adjusted to reflect $2,500 at current prices

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