Going Omnichain with Stargate & LayerZero

Case Study: Going Omnichain with Stargate & LayerZero

Stargate is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that lives at the heart of Omnichain DeFi.

With Stargate, users & dApps can transfer native assets cross-chain while accessing the protocol’s unified liquidity pools with instant guaranteed finality.

Powered by LayerZero omnichain technology

Stargate is built on LayerZero technology, an omnichain interoperability protocol designed for lightweight message passing across chains.

What this means is that apps built using LayerZero’s infrastructure will enable users to experience multiple chains and ecosystems much more seamlessly.

While cross-chain messaging today is usually synonymous with bridging, LayerZero intends to make all cross-chain functions easier than ever before, including state sharing, bridging, lending and borrowing, swaps, and governance.

LayerZero will connect all chains seamlessly, having users unaware they are even using it. It will enable current and new Decentralized Applications to expand beyond the borders of EVM or Non-EVM, creating the world’s first omnichain applications.

Ryan Zarick, CTO of LayerZero

Experiencing the magic of Omnichain Fungible Tokens (OFT)

In a joint Quest campaign with Trader Joe, users got to experience one of Stargate’s core products through an interesting application of LayerZero’s novel technology.

The goal of the Quest was for users to try bridging with Omnichain Fungible Tokens (OFTs), which are tokens that can be bridged across multiple blockchains at a 1:1 ratio without the need for “wrapping”.

In other words, OFTs reach the source chain from its destination chain in one smooth transaction.

Stargate chose Trader Joe’s native token JOE as one of the first non-core assets to be integrated directly with Stargate. To power top-of-funnel acquisition and growth, Stargate also selected Layer3 as their preferred platform to take users through an OFT product journey.

In February, we created a Quest with Stargate & Trader Joe on Layer3 to to introduce Omnichain JOE

Using our no-code Quest Builder, we were able to create an immersive and educational Quest for users to try omnichain JOE. Let’s take a look at some of the features that powered this campaign:

  • No-code, modular Quest Builder: This Quest drove over 10,000 participants and rewarded 500XP to each participant

  • On-chain verification system for EVM: To encourage on-chain product usage, Quest participants were asked to complete the following steps:

    • Swap to at least $5 worth of OFT JOE using Stargate

    • Bridge to at least $5 worth of OFT JOE using Stargate

    • Swap OFT JOE to USDC on Arbitrum using Stargate

  • Quiz and Information Cards: Participants learned about OFTs through an informative Quiz, along with detailed instructions for bridging

  • Off-chain Twitter verification and Layer3’s Discord bot: We grew Stargate and Trader Joe’s reach on Twitter with over 9.7k+ RTs and 5.7k likes on our Quest announcement, and verified that 10k+ participants were in the Trader Joe discord

  • Gasless Omnichain-NFT (ONFT) minting system: Lastly, Stargate incentivized participants by providing a special Trader Joe x Stargate ONFT, minted free of charge and rewarded to users on Arbitrum immediately upon Quest completion

By incentivizing, educating, and reinforcing user learnings through simple, on-chain actions, Stargate was able to drive proper usage of their product, while also introducing their novel product to the broader web3 community.

Layer3 is proud to work with Stargate Finance to power an omnichain future

We’re proud to work with Stargate Finance and LayerZero to power the future of omnichain technology. As part of our long-term campaign, more than 30,000 participants have been able to enjoy fun and educational Quests that enable them to experience omnichain technology like never before.

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