MODA DAO Contests are live on Layer3!
March 29th, 2022

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnership with MODA DAO.

MODA DAO is dedicated to powering the future of music ownership, publishing, and licensing via NFT standards, decentralized governance and automated finance.

In the past year, prominent artists such as Steve Aoki and RAC have entered the web3 world with their own forms of NFTs and fan-powered creation models. MODA DAO’s mission is to provide similar opportunities for any creator or artist wanting to thrive in web3 via their native token, $MODA.

“We’re bullish on the future of music in web3, especially with MODA DAO. With over 50+ years of combined experience music and blockchain, we expect MODA DAO’s founders to push new frontiers in music that have been relatively unexplored until now.” — Brandon Kumar, Layer3 Co-Founder

Also known as “Music3”, MODA DAO’s decentralized network aims to bring value to artists, creators, and superfans, all while subverting the broken paradigms of the traditional music industry.

Layer3’s partnership with MODA DAO will directly support their community of music creatives and fans, including artists like Deadmau5.

Check out some of MODA DAO’s featured bounties here.

We’re proud to support MODA DAO in their mission to bridge the relationship between fans and creators, and onboard more musicians into web3.

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