Introducing: Quests

When was the first time web3 made sense for you?

We all have that moment.

Whether it be seamlessly switching between protocols with just a wallet, receiving a crypto transfer from across the world minutes after it was sent, or minting your first NFT, there’s so much to web3 that’s simply just magical.

Blockchain and crypto infrastructure rails have enabled us to create various forms of new digital experiences at a blindingly fast pace. Even against the current tide of the market, there are new communities and protocols launching every single day — all vying for the attention of just 440,000+ active Ethereum wallets. Take a look at these examples:

But traditional forms of “onboarding” just don’t work anymore. Rugs, shills, and scams in web3 are ever more rampant, and **new participants in the ecosystem do not know how to distinguish the signal from the noise. Even early users don’t emerge unscathed.

As a result, consumer crypto adoption has largely flatlined since 2021. Talented teams building in the space don’t know how to reach users beyond a token airdrop or ponzi-esque staking incentives. And user experience amongst crypto protocols remain largely unchanged because they don’t optimize for widespread adoption.

So, what do you do as someone who’s new to web3?

You could get invited to some Telegram chats and scroll for hours on Twitter searching for alpha, but it’s difficult, because of…well, stuff like this:

Alternatively, maybe you go to some website and learn exactly how to complete certain on-chain steps through a 2000-word article. But do you really learn how to use web3 by reading chunks of text?

Would you try a Layer2 if this were the starting point?
Would you try a Layer2 if this were the starting point?

Let’s face it: There’s no intuitive way to experience web3-native products at the moment.

And that’s why we built Quests, a new way to start your user journey into web3. There’s no shortage of protocols and communities to explore—there was just no one place where you can try them all, with the assurance of ease, safety, and clarity.

With Quests, that place is now Layer3.

What does this mean for the Layer3 community? It means you’re now able to:

  • Experience curated ways to explore DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more

  • Earn in-platform achievements for mastering essential on-chain skills

  • Discover protocols, platforms, and Dapps in a guided way, with new features like time delays and achievement-gating

**You can start by participating in any of the six “Essential Quests” we created for you **to start your web3 journey. You’ll learn how to complete transactions on various EVM-compatible chains while gaining exposure to NFTs, DeFi, L2s, and more. We’ve curated a selection of some of the most user-friendly and exciting protocols that you can learn how to use without having to spend outrageous amounts of money on tuition.

For the experienced, you’ll explore exciting new protocols and strategies with weekly Quest drops with our partners and a curated selection of both innovative and iconic crypto products, like FujiDAO, Index Coop, or The Doge. The possibilities are endless!

It’s time that web3 started making sense. Start discovering and (re)discovering web3 now.

What’s Layer3?

Layer3 is the best place for web3 learning and discovery. We want to create a dynamic ecosystem where users can participate in their favorite web3 communities in a seamless way.

With the power of Quests, you’ll never run out of fun things to explore on Layer3.

What’s in store?

Quests are just the beginning!

We’re listening to our community every day to improve Layer3, and we’ve got some amazing features planned for you. This includes more achievements, varied rewards, increased gamification, social bounties, recommendations, updated profile functionality, and more.

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