Layer3 Q3 2022 Report
October 7th, 2022


Three quarters in, one to go.

It’s been a year since we raised $2.5m to build the next-generation web3 tool for onboarding contributors into DAOs. Now — we’ve expanded our mission, our team, and our feature suite. The best way to discover and rediscover your favorite protocols and ecosystems in web3 just got a whole lot better.

We’ve spent the past quarters in the weeds with our customers and users on how to make their web3 experience as intuitive as possible. And we’ve shipped a whole new set of product features to enable that.

Q3: Happy 1st Birthday to Us 🎉

You may know us as a DAO contribution and Bounty platform. We’ve changed a lot since then, but one thing remains the same: We’re still the best place for anyone to start their web3 journey.

Hot on the heels of launching Instant Bounties in May, we’ve shipped a brand new feature, along with a sparkling new experience for users to experience and discover web3: Quests. More on them below:

  • Quests are a guided, narrative-driven experiences with a common theme or mission

  • Designed to be a much richer experience than Bounties, often spanning multiple days

  • Enable users to earn XP, tokens and NFTs along the way

  • Finishing a Quest typically unlocks an Achievement, a record of your progress on Layer3, and the ticket to more exclusive opportunities

Our six new introductory Quests for those new to Layer3 and web3.
Our six new introductory Quests for those new to Layer3 and web3.

On backend and infrastructure, we spent weeks improving performance. Layer3 is now faster than ever before, especially for our power users.

For customers and partners, we’ve launched a “Grow with Layer3” landing page and have been working on an analytics dashboard for partners to better understand Layer3’s impact. We’ve also shipped Quests with Slingshot, Hashflow, Index Coop, Across, Stargate, FujiDAO, and more.

On the community front, we surpassed 30,000 members on Discord and selected 20+ members to become a part of our Layer3 Ambassador program.

In conclusion: It’s been a packed three months. Read on for a comprehensive timeline of what we’ve accomplished in 2022 Q3:


  • Ehsan joins as our Head of Growth!

  • Updated leaderboard functionality to show all-time, weekly, and 24-hour top users

  • Shipped user achievements, for showing off those on-chain skillz

  • Created in-platform notifications for user achievements and leveling up

  • Released new gasless minting mechanism for NFT-rewarding Bounties

  • Made improvements to no-code Builder


  • Zeel joins as our Quality Assurance Specialist!

  • 20,000+ members on Discord

  • Migrated from Vercel / database migration for better performance

  • Added “Featured Daily Bounty” and “Featured NFT Bounty” to our Bounties homepage

  • Performance optimizations for NFT Bounties

  • Implemented tRPC as a GraphQL alternative

  • Soft-launched Quests

  • Launched no-code Quest Builder for better storytelling


  • Jack joins as our Experience Designer!

  • Official Quests launch

  • Reached 2 million web3 interactions with daily bounties

  • 30,000+ members on Discord

  • Launched Layer3 Ambassador Program to help cultivate community around the new influx

  • Held “Proof of Discovery”: a 4-week long digital festival, where we worked with partners like Arbitrum, Guild, jokedao, and Utopia to bring you the best and brightest of web3

  • Launched our partnership with Slingshot

  • Reached 8,000 newsletter subscribers

In conclusion: The devs and non-devs have indeed, done something

P.S. Don’t hesitate to suggest new features via Canny or Discord. For any product suggestions, you can also reach out directly to our Product Manager, Yahya (

WTF is Layer3? A Brief History Lesson

Oh hey anon, you must be new here. That’s okay — we all start somewhere, and we’re glad you started with us. Whether you’re a Questseeker, a core team member, a contributor, or someone looking to dip their toes into web3 and crypto, Layer3 is for everyone!

Our north star is the idea that discovery never ends.

Every day, we’re experiencing web3 in a way that has never been done before.

That’s what it feels like to be a user on Layer3: The magic of discovering and re-discovering your favorite protocols, communities, DAOs, and Dapps, all in one place.

Our goals are simple:

  • Become the best platform for web3 learning, discovery, and contribution

  • Enable communities to find high-quality participants via user journeys & storytelling

  • Help people find their tribe in web3 by giving everyone the tools to get involved

Take a whirl through how we evolved from a DAO contributor platform just a year ago to where we are today.

September 2021: Throwback to when our entire database was just an Airtable form
September 2021: Throwback to when our entire database was just an Airtable form
October 2021: Our Webflow site
October 2021: Our Webflow site
January 2022: Our initial “Proof of Work” Concept
January 2022: Our initial “Proof of Work” Concept
April 2022: Our first-ever instant bounty (instantly verifiable, on-chain and off-chain actions)
April 2022: Our first-ever instant bounty (instantly verifiable, on-chain and off-chain actions)
October 2022: Our new landing page!
October 2022: Our new landing page!


We love the Layer3 community and couldn’t have built our product without feedback from our best users and partners. Here’s what they had to say about us:

Layer3 is an excellent tool for getting your bounties & contests in front of a distributed network of web3-literate contributors.

— Index Coop

We’ve run multiple campaigns with Layer3 and love the product! The tool is flexible and meets our user growth needs. The team has also been a pleasure to work with!

— Router Protocol

The team at Layer3 and their intuitive, engaging bounties were the perfect match to help increase awareness of WOOFi’s cutting-edge cross-chain swaps and single-sided staking.

— WooFi

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