Proof of Discovery, Forever
October 7th, 2022

Dear Questseeker,

Four weeks ago we launched Proof of Discovery, a month-long digital conference intended to bring you the best and brightest ideas from all corners of web3. The goal was for our community to meaningfully engage with some of the apps and protocols that they interact with on Layer3 every single day (and some of you, quite literally every single day!).

Want to mint this NFT? Scroll down for instructions, or click here.
Want to mint this NFT? Scroll down for instructions, or click here.

Why this goal? Because the promise of web3 is the underlying idea that community members like you are more than just another user.

What does this mean?

It means you’re not just another metric or conversion. With Proof of Discovery, we wanted to provide our community with an experience that went beyond the transactional relationship between a user and a platform. We wanted to see you not just transact on, but also participate in and engage with the communities that you’re most passionate about. Discovery is a concept that’s central to this experience.

From getting started with membership via Guild, to learning about community-oriented products and DAOs with Utopia, to proposing and voting on the next platform, protocol, or Dapp you want to see on Layer3 via jokedao, we experimented with all sorts of ways for you to discover web3.

You participated in our Spaces, entered Contests to win Lil Nouns, and celebrated the launch of Quests with us…You asked some of the best questions that Arbitrum has ever gotten in an AMA! Just take a look at the stats:

Maybe you walked away from this event with some knowledge or a new insight gained. Maybe you got a chance to do something you would’ve never done otherwise—or maybe you just observed from the sidelines, that’s okay too.

At the end of the day, you make Layer3 what it is. And as a thank you, we’ll be continuing Proof of Discovery, forever.

Every month, check back for new community experiments and talks with guest speakers from a web3 protocol, platform, or app we think you should know about.

And lastly, to celebrate your contribution, we’ve released a commemorative NFT you can mint for setting up your profile on Layer3. If you hold this NFT (thanks, Dispatch!), you will be eligible to enter a raffle for our last 3 Lil Nouns!


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