Layer3 has partnered with DappRadar!
June 23rd, 2022

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnership with DappRadar.

DappRadar is the leading platform for exploring, tracking, and managing decentralized applications (Dapps).

Through DappRadar, you can track DeFi protocols, explore and value your NFT collections, manage your wallets, and more. DappRadar’s platform includes transparent, multi-chain data, as well as meaningful coverage on the latest trends across web3.

Users may typically discover web3 applications through Twitter or word-of-mouth, but DappRadar has created a comprehensive starting point for Dapp discovery, hosting 11,401 Dapps from over 48 different protocols.

“For an average user in web3, it’s difficult to find the signal amongst the noise in a sea of Dapps. We love to partner with other platforms who, like Layer3, aim to increase discoverability without all the digital barbed wire.” — Brandon Kumar, Layer3 Co-Founder and COO

Dapps are tracked in terms of their active users, token volume and transaction activity to provide insight into web3 ecosystem trends.

Our first engineering bounty with DappRadar is now live: Contribute to DappRadar’s Github repository

📝 Instructions:

  • Connect your GitHub to Layer3
  • Open a pull request on the DappRadar Github
  • Integrate one of the following collections
  • Get the PR merged

Stay tuned for future bounties with DappRadar here.

We’re proud to support DappRadar as part of our mission to empower builders and enhance discovery in web3.

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