Introducing Layer3’s Contributor Bootcamp
March 29th, 2022

When you’re new to web3, everyone tells you to ‘go contribute to a DAO’. But it’s difficult to know what this actually means.

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that helps you become a part-time contributor...and get paid while doing so.

The Layer3 Contributor Bootcamp will select a cohort of talented individuals and match them with exciting web3 work opportunities.

In addition to being compensated by DAOs, our cohorts will earn a part-time salary in $ETH to explore the web3 communities we’ve partnered with (partners include Polygon, Olympus, Index Coop, Dune Analytics, and 20+ more).

Work is completed asynchronously but paid weekly, allowing for decentralized but high-quality contribution.

Why should I apply? The Contributor Bootcamp offers a structured way to connect with and contribute to DAOs on our platform. For first-time contributors, this is a great way to showcase your skills and explore different communities. For seasoned contributors, this is an opportunity to develop an on-chain reputation for delivering value.

DAOs face a shortage of talent, and difficulty in finding reliable contributors. This is the first program of its kind to pay contributors a consistent crypto stipend for their skills.

How does it work? Contributors can apply to the first L3 Contributor Bootcamp cohort via this link. We’ll identify successful candidates and notify them of their acceptance.

Those accepted are then paired with L3 project leads, who will coordinate and match contributors with contribution opportunities each week.

What will I gain? Aside from recurring ETH payments, you’ll be paired with other motivated contributors in a collaborative and fun environment to explore DAOs together. Contributors will have access to exclusive resources and personalized feedback from DAO veterans to sharpen and develop their web3 skills.

Contributors will also have a dedicated Discord channel for networking and personal development, as well as early access to certain Layer3 contests, bounties, and missions.

All participants will be rewarded with a non-transferable “signing bonus” NFT and certification NFTs for completing the program. You will also leave with first-hand experience navigating the DAO contribution landscape, a beneficial skill for those wanting to carve out a career path in web3.

The more you contribute, the more opportunities you unlock on Layer3.

When can I start? Submit your application here, we review & admit applicants on rolling basis every four weeks!

If you’re a DAO interested in working with our first cohort, reach out to Brandon at

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