Layer3 has partnered with OpenSea!
May 20th, 2022

This one’s for the NFT degens: We’re very excited to announce our newest partnership with OpenSea!

OpenSea is currently the largest marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), with over 1 million active users and 80+ million different NFTs available for trading.

If your first foray into web3 was with OpenSea—you’re not alone. We’ve seen the way that NFTs can aid in our mission to empower and engage web3 communities. That’s why we’re working with projects like Astro Girls Society, and why we airdropped commemorative NFTs to users who participated in our latest product launch.

Now, we’re collaborating with OpenSea and Dune to bring you exclusive opportunities in NFT analytics.

Our first Contest with OpenSea is now live: Analyze which NFT projects brought in the most true new wallets (not alts!) into NFTs, and earn up to $2500 USDC in prizes.

A total prize pool of $5000 USDC will be awarded to the best three submissions.

Build Dune dashboards to identify patterns amongst prominent NFT projects and wallet behavior according the the following criteria, and receive valuable insights from the oldest and largest NFT marketplace along the way:

  • Accuracy & Completeness: Data is accurate, trustworthy and the analysis complete.
  • Clarity & Readability: The visualization and data are well explained, documented and easy to read
  • Insights & Originality: The analysis demonstrates the overall thesis and shows originality of insights from the submitter.

Taking inspiration from Dune wizards like @rchen8 and @pancakephd, we’re helping OpenSea and Dune bring the power of NFTs to more people around the world through transparent, accessible data.

Ready to build out OpenSea’s vibrant NFT ecosystem? Enter our first OpenSea contest here.

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