Discover NFTs on Optimism with Quix
October 31st, 2022

Discover NFTs on Optimism with Quix!

We’ve partnered with the leading NFT marketplace on Optimism to bring you the best of Layer2 NFTs.

In our latest Quest, experience the magic of Quix’s new NFT bridging feature, and bring your favorite NFTs to Optimism, an Ethereum Layer2 scaling solution with cheap gas fees, lightning-fast transaction speeds, and an emerging NFT ecosystem—all with the security of Ethereum.

Quix’s recently launched NFT Bridge is a cross-layer ERC-721 bridge that allows anyone to bring their L1 Ethereum NFTs to Optimism.

You can try out this new feature in the Quest below.

It’s lights out and away we go:

Note: To be eligible for the $OP reward, you MUST bridge NFTs from these collections: BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, Moonbirds, Doodles, Cool Cats, CloneX, Meebits, WoW, Crypto Coven, Chain Runners, Robotos, Deadfellaz, Pudgy Penguins, Dodoor NFT, Renga, Kitaro World Official, Genuine Undead, Looki, Nyolings, BAKC, Secret Society of Whales, The Doge Pound, Lazy Lions, Cyber Kongz, Koala Intelligence Agency, Chromie Squiggle, Damien Hirst - The Currency, Mfers,, Invisible Friends, Creature World, VeeFriends, Quirkies, SupDucks

How does it work?

When you bridge the NFT from Ethereum, your L1 NFT gets locked in a smart contract that enables you to receive the identical NFT on a Layer 2. The “bridged” NFT on a Layer 2 acts as a “key” which can be used to unlock the L1 NFT at any time. If you sell or transfer the bridged L2 NFT, then only the new owner will be able to unlock the L1 NFT for themselves.

Why Quix?

As the first NFT marketplace on Optimism, Quix is built by NFT creators and collectors, for NFT creators and collectors. Since Quix’s inception in December 2021, they’ve been home to over 100 collections, 68,000 users, 180,000 transactions, and over 2800 ETH in transaction value.

The Optimism NFT ecosystem is just getting started. From Mirror’s writing NFTs to play-to-earn NFT projects like Dope Wars, Optimism’s low cost of execution allows for countless use cases and scalability when it comes to NFT innovation.

We’re excited to work with Quix to power the future of NFTs, on a network that stays true to Ethereum’s values and security.

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