Layer3 has partnered with Boardroom!
November 1st, 2022

Make faster, smarter, and more informed decisions in DAO governance.

Layer3 is excited to announce our newest partnership with Boardroom.

Boardroom is a web3 governance aggregator that allows you to track, analyze, and vote on proposals across DAOs.

We’ve created a series of Bounties in collaboration with Boardroom so that you can experience the magic of delegating and re-delegating through Boardroom. As part of our collaboration, we’ll be rewarding Questers with 76k+ in $OP rewards if you delegate via Boardroom on Optimism.

Complete our two Bounties with Boardroom below to earn 550XP and $OP rewards!

Ready to go? Try them out here:

  1. Delegate on Optimism for the first time (2250 slots, 30 $OP each)

  2. Re-delegate on Optimism via Boardroom (1250 slots, 10 $OP each)

Why Boardroom?

DAO governance is often confusing and messy. Boardroom makes this process easier for those who want to participate, aggregating DAO discussions, proposals, and events—all in one place.

In addition to enabling users to stay updated on the governance information that’s relevant to them, Boardroom also enables you to gather context about proposals and voters by browsing project hubs and profiles, engage with different governance systems from a single interface, and connect to hundreds of DAOs and build powerful applications via their Governance API.

We’re excited to continue working with Boardroom to bring you an exciting new solution to DAO governance.

Learn More

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For more about Boardroom, follow their Twitter and join their Discord

For more Layer3 Bounties, follow Layer3 on Twitter and join our Discord


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