L3’s Quarterly Report | Q1 2022
April 6th, 2022


We’ve seen it all.

The Merge went live on Testnet...and it worked. A pokemon-inspired voxel game rugged its buyers with a 3ETH mint price. LooksRare launched a vampire attack against OpenSea. Laura Shin revealed the identity of the 2016 “the DAO” hacker. One of the core Fantom devs announced his departure from DeFi. Optimism raised 1.65bn+ USD from a16z and Paradigm. BAYC powerhouse Yuga Labs acquired Punks and Meebits, then subsequently released a killer video of its metaverse gaming plans. Ukraine teased an airdrop to secure more donations for its war efforts and never delivered.

Whew. And it’s only Q1.

The blistering pace at which web3 moves is no surprise to anyone who’s been in the game for long enough—and by long enough, we mean at least a week. Even with markets slowing down, web3 continues to accelerate at full speed ahead, with no stoplights but many road bumps in sight.

Billions of dollars worth of capital and promising projects are constantly being ushered into the space, and it’s all an indicator for us to keep pushing, building, and shaping our vision as a web3 company that embraces the ethos of speed.

We’re Layer3, and this is a community quarterly report packed with all the layers of good stuff we’ve been shipping and building over the past three months. Buckle up and dig in.

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Q1: Our year so far

You may know us as the company that helped someone earn crypto by getting a tattoo. We’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve also come a long way since January 2022.

Our biggest update is that we’ve completely revamped and migrated our site to the latest beta—packed with a set of amazing new UI/UX features including a leaderboard, separate task categories, user profiles with social integrations, and a sick new animation. DAOs can now directly manage contests from an admin dashboard, where they’re able to create, edit, and review all contributor submissions. Users can browse web3 communities of their choice and filter tasks by task type, in addition to earning XP for their submissions and daily “GM”s.

Traditionally known for our “bounties,” we’ve also reconsolidated the types of tasks available on the platform, and released a couple of new ones. Bounties on Layer3 are now instant, harnessing the power of blockchain to reward users instantly upon completion of a task, such as changing their Twitter name or having a NFT profile picture. DAOs can use Contests to crowdsource user ideas and talent, and ultimately select a winner, while Projects allow for 1:1 matching of DAOs and communities to superstar contributors who may be suitable for certain types of tasks. To read more about Contests, Bounties, and Projects, take a look at our next section.

We’ve also been hard at work building our infrastructure so that DAOs can securely use Layer3 as a way to compensate task-based contributors across multiple chains. We are now live on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon with plans to add support for Arbitrum, Solana, and Avalanche in the coming months.

Lastly, we’ve doubled down on our community growth and marketing efforts. To prepare for our v1 launch, we started publishing weekly blog posts, informative Twitter threads, and in-depth user features to activate our community. We launched two newsletters, This Week in Web3 and Getting DAOn to Business, reaching over 5000+ subscribers. We conducted our first-ever Twitter Spaces with over 280+ attendees and 80+ POAPs claimed, and are currently working on an educational base (”Learn on Layer3”) to encourage more users to learn by doing.

It’s been a packed three months, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been shipping with you all. Read on for a comprehensive timeline of what we’ve accomplished in 2022 Q1:



  • Officially migrated everything over to our beta
  • Completely website redesign with upgraded site copy
  • Users can now showcase their contributions via User Profiles, which includes real-time submission data
  • Launched our biweekly newsletters, This Week in Web3 and Getting DAOn to Business
  • Contributors can start to level up via an XP/Level system
  • Started publishing weekly blog posts on Mirror
  • Yahya joined the team as our first Product Manager
  • Sarah joined the team as our Product Marketing & Community Lead
  • Doubled our team from 4 to 8!


  • Launched a new type of task: Instant Bounties!
    • 500+ bounties claimed within 9 hours upon launch
  • Became fully compatible with Polygon
  • Partnered with Eve Wealth and Astro Girls to onboard more women into web3
  • Deployed Admin Dashboard for DAOs
  • Hosted first-ever Twitter Spaces with a claimable POAP and 280+ participants
  • Launched social integrations for Layer3 User Profiles
  • Partnered with GCR to make web3 investing available to everyone
  • Built separate and personalized Gnosis Safes for each DAO we onboarded

In conclusion: The devs and non-devs have indeed, done something

As we continue to build towards our v1 launch (you can take a look at our public roadmap here or take a glance below), don’t hesitate to suggest new features via Canny or Discord. For any product suggestions, you can also reach out directly to our Product Manager, Yahya (yahya@layer3.xyz).

Layer3’s Contributor Bootcamp Program

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Since January, we’ve expanded our team from 4 to 8. We had our first team offsite in the U.S. and worked across 5 different timezones, between 5+ different countries.

From web3 newbies to crypto veterans, our team has consistently delivered in the face unexpected bugs, frozen screens, spammy bots, late-night pull requests, digital go-kart races, and timezone mishaps.

Like web3, we’re bullish on the potential of a truly global and fully remote talent pool. We don’t discriminate based on race, gender, or even age.

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